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What is an E Cigarette?

The E-cigarette is a powerful battery operated device developed as an alternative for Normal Smoking. The SteamLite electronic cigarette can hopefully help you to escape terrible health consequences imminent to most smokers caused due to tobacco, tar and smoke in conventional cigarettes.

How Does E Cig Work?

A SteamLite Electronic Cigarette contains 3 major parts- A Battery, an Atomizer and a Cartridge Refill. On taking a puff or when you smoke from an E-Cigarette’s mouthpiece, an Atomizer releases small amount of E-liquid which contains flavours, through mouthpiece resulting in Red glow of battery tip or LED.

Are E Cigs Safe?

As compared to a Normal Cigarette, the SteamLite E-cigarette is a safer option as they do not need to be lit, they do not produce any tar or smoke ,do not contain Tobacco (Except as a flavor ) thus, they can be smoked anywhere in public places harmlessly.

Benefits of E Cigarettes

The SteamLite E-cigarette can be used in public places, non-smoking areas and indoors as they do not emit harmful smoke. SteamLite Electronic Cigarettes provide you the same satisfaction as usual cigarettes without harmful Tar, second hand Smoke or Odour, keeping your teeth or clothes stainless and your fingers safe.

E Cigarette in New Delhi

The E Cigarette is a powerful battery operated device developed as an alternative for Normal Smoking. E Cigs of Steamlite are safer option as they help you to escape the terrible health consequences imminent to most smokers. A SteamLite Electronic Cigarette contains 2 major parts - A Battery and Cartomizer. The E Liquid of a Steamlite electronic cigarette is the liquid filled in Cartridge refills of an electronic cigarette. The E-liquid of a cartridge Refill in an Electronic Cigarette mainly contains propylene glycol and flavourings. E-Cigarette cartridge refills can be refilled with E-Liq bought from ZICHHI E-LIQUID. Flavouring is the main content of liquid in a cartridge which satisfies the cravings of the smokers and it comes in low, medium and high concentrations suitable to smoker's smoking tendencies. Now, Steamlite E Cigerattes and E-Cigars are available in New Delhi. SteamLite offers our New Delhi customers the most economical and customer friendly E-Cigarettes providing value for money with guaranteed economical rates and high quality in the market.